I’m Tired – December Update

Ayy, it’s that time of the month again, time for me to try to remember everything I did this last month!

The good news is, after complaining about procrastination last month, I’m having 60% of productive time while using the computer. That’s good since I spent most of my day and all of my tasks envolves using my notebook, this includes entertainment and communication.

my entire life is managed by scrum now

So this month was pretty great, after working really hard I reached the mark of ten years old so my mom was ok with me going on an adventure with a friend and my pet in order to battle other people’s pets for prestige and money. I also managed to shut down a criminal faction and I’ve beaten the four best trainers in the world, cool right?


At least I wish my life was like this. Just a quick note on Pokemon Let’s Go, Eevee! (besides it being a great game, of course), these games always had those moves like Cut, Surf, Strength, etc. which would only make you waste a move set on your Pokémon, they removed these so called “HMs” for this game and now they work as some kind upgrades, just like in Metroidvanias, you reach a point on the game, earn an upgrade and after that you can reach new areas.

But CUT is not out of my move set!

Cutting Dreamlands

Y’all remember Dreamlands, right? That roguelike game inspired on Lovecraft, Crypt of the Necrodancer and Bloodborne with RPG elements that would take me 3 months to finish? Yeah… 3 months…


It finally kicked in that I have basically 3 enormous systems interacting in this game, the first one I call Roguelike Level Generator Framework, the second one is the Turn Based System and the last one is the RPG System. It happens that linking the Level Generator and the Turn Based System was not a hard task and it’s decent already. But doing the RPG System, designing the stats and balance is quite challenging. And that’s when I hit the wall.

The decision I took for the moment is to drop the RPG System for a while, of course that Dreamlands isn’t Dreamlands without the RPG, so I’m basically working on another game revolving around the Level Generator and the Turn Based System, but I still don’t have anything to show yet.

I’m thinking on a mobile game similar to an “Infinite Runner”, but turn based and “roguelike” – so there would be some enemies, hazards, traps, etc… The other option is to do a more simple version of Dreamlands for PC, I’m not totally out of this idea.

I’ve seen a certain lecture (I don’t remember which one, sorry) that talks about this approach, you kind of break your game in many different pieces and do a simple game using the first piece, and then another using the first and the second, until eventually you reach your desired game.

It is interesting because when you make a game with that system, you know it works, so if it breaks on the next game, you know it’s something new that was introduced, and (ideally) you won’t have to fix many things on older systems.

The State of the Pizza

pizzaclicker-resizedPizza Clicker is on Play Store for quite a while now (Download it here!) and here is a list of what I did on this month updates:

  • Finally added Upgrades, now you can buy these upgrades that will make your workers or ovens even more efficient in pizza baking;
  • Added some more pieces of news;
  • A bunch of fixes (changing how much pizza is earned on down time, balancing some prices, raising some upgrades efficiency, added a visual feedback showing how much pizza you earn for a click and some visual fixes)

I did made a small announcement and sent the game to some people, I’m taking a look on the player behavior and I think I should do something to make the players engage more with the game (also, it was at this point I realized why those mobile games have lootboxes, free gifts every 4 hours, second chances, etc…).

Here’s a list of what I might do in the future:

  1. Add a menu showing more information to the player (how much pizza per click, how much each worker or oven is contributing to your pizza per second);
  2. Have a menu (change the pizzeria’s name, increase/decrease volume, restart game, etc…);
  3. Introduce a new kind of upgrade that when bought, it adds a new worker or a new oven (this will be important for Version 4);
  4. Add more news and more upgrades, of course, these are going to be added throughout the time;
  5. Do some kind of “lootbox” – I want to do this to raise player engagement, but I don’t want to develop a solution that could be seen simply as “cash grab” or something that would force you to watch ADS.

And most importantly, I want to tackle some tasks like SEO Optimization, Play Store Optimization and try reaching a bigger audience with Pizza Clicker.

Now what

Something I’m thinking about, that I got by talking to some developers, is taking a break from my projects, so I would return to then in a couple weeks with more energy and a better perspective. Of course I would still work a little bit on Pizza Clicker and have updates, but I wouldn’t effectively create nothing new on this break.

Doing this also would be a good opportunity to study about SEO and Play Store Optimization and Marketing in general, I would also be able to tackle some old activities like making an Idle Game Engine from Pizza Clicker and fixing Journey Light (an old Game Jam game I made).

Now, after failing again at writing a short update and 1000 words later, here I go! Thank you for reading it until this point and I hope you have a good day!



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