Tales of Indiscipline – November Update

As I write about me not having discipline, I feel like I’ve already written about that, probably because I have. But this month it kicked as hard as it could.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 11.12.48 AM
me on youtube as a full time job

This month my brain just didn’t want to do any kind of work and I’m not sure why. It is normal to have bad days, unproductive days but having a whole unproductive month? Looks more like bad habits, speaking of habits, all my good habits were destroyed this month. It’s just something that happens to me from time to time, my brain simple goes like “Hm, let’s destroy all habits and create new ones!”.

On the good side I discovered a lot of good youtubers so I have this.

I can backtrack all these bad habits to 2 things: one night that I didn’t sleep while programming a game demo and starting a more aggressive diet plan (gotta lose some kg!).

I’m not sure the effects of not sleeping one single night can be, but I don’t think it can destroy a whole month, on the other hand, I’m sure it can help producing some pattern changing effects.

For the other reason, eating less calories than your body uses and going to the gym and doing cadio can be really stress inducing, making your body/brain try to spare the maximum amount of energy possible (for example, not wanting to do productive work because it is stressful and demands energy, etc…)

me irl

After talking about being undisciplined, lack of sleep and weight loss, let’s get back to regular schedule and talk gamedev. Yes! I actually managed to have a little bit of progress.

Please Click

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 11.52.57 AM
that’s how I’ll get rich

The original plan on Pizza Clicker was to release and publish updates periodically, this is a very good trap that will lead you to just forget about the game. But one day I randomly looked at Play Store and it had 10+ install. How? The game wasn’t even finished for me!

I’m not sure how these people found out about Pizza Clicker, but you can see more on Pizza Clicker’s page.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 11.54.09 AM.png
until I found this

I think this is a pretty good conversion rate for a game that I did nothing but hit the “Publish” button – It motivated me to keep working on the game and not leave it behind, I need to create gameplay to keep players more engaged.

So I launched two updates:

  1. The first one just adds a simple feature where the mayor offers you an incrementer (a worker or an oven), in exchange you have to watch an advertisement. This is the less intrusive way I found to monetize this game, and while this updates adds ADS it also adds the Unity Analytics so I can get more numbers on the game.
  2. The second one was just some bug fixes. There’s a feature that calculates how much time you spent away from the game and gives you a reward based on how much pizza per second you have and the time you spent away. The amount rewarded was 10% of all the pizza you would have produced that time, it was too much, now it is 1% (and I’m still thinking on making it even lower).

For the future, my plan is to add upgrades and add more News to the game, the Newspaper section is the way I’m going to tell the story of the game. Creating the news is not difficult, just a bit time consuming, as for the upgrades, I already started programming it and came up with an efficient way to do it.

The second plan for the future is to simplify Pizza Clicker into a generic Idle/Clicker game and sell it as an Idle Game Engine for Unity. Making these kind of games requires a lot of interconnected systems and a lot of persistency, that can be hard for people not very used to programming so this kind of asset would help some people.

I wasn’t thinking about that at all

How’s your Dreams?

Mine haven’t been so good actually, I had some nightmares this past month but that can be due to… Oh wait. I was supposed to talk about Dreamlands here.

You can play a very early version of Dreamlands on its itch.io page and leave any early feedback! Soon there will be a new build up!

temporary intro screen

My focus this month for Dreamlands was to work on aesthetics, so I played a lot with colors, did many different characters and tested a lot of things on art. After all that, I still have no idea of how it should look or what colors I should use!

I also created a simple “Sandbox” mode where you can choose your initial stats and the number of rooms generated, another minor change was that the character’s idle animation now changes according to the player base speed.

Random Numbers: I love random numbers. Really. I graduated doing research on algorithms that used random numbers at their core. Good Times.


That being said, I wrote some RNG based interactions for Dreamlands:

  1. The damage is not constant anymore, it is now a random integer value between 0.75x and 1.25x, where x is the character’s attack.
  2. There’s a random chance of a Critical Attack. A critical attack causes two times the damage and the chance increases with luck.
  3. There’s a random chance of Miss. The standard Accuracy Rate is 80% and it increases with luck.

All these features can be easily tuned and easily activated/deactivated. I made it this way because I don’t know whether they are fun features or not, so they are definitely pieces I will be returning in the future.

Current Plans with Dreamlands: The idea was to make something in 3 or 4 months, that will not be possible. But I don’t want to work years on this neither keep adding more and more features. That being said, my current plan is to work on it until the end of the year and then come up with a release date. I would like to finish it in February or March, resulting in a 6 ~ 7 month project, which is a good amount of time.

Mobile Games on itch?

I hadn’t though before on putting mobile games on Fourth Dimension’s itch.io page, but I’ve seen people doing it so I also did.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 12.14.18 PM
and it was actually interesting

Almost everyday someone visited Pizza Clicker’s page. Space Journey, my first and highly casual game also got some visits. I don’t have any control or number of how much of these visits resulted on downloads, so that’s pretty much it. I just thoughy it was an interesting result.

Space Journey was my very first game on Play Store but it is still fun to play! Take a look!

This post was longer than usual and I changed subjects some times, but I hope y’all like it! See you on the next one!

sidenote: I also tried to take a different approach on writing this month, an approach which I plan to stick to, trying to keep the post more engaging and not the “I did this, I want to do that” kind of post, which although very straight and informative, can be less appealing.


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