October Update


Last update I was developing Pizza Clicker and I reached a point where I could publish it and did it. I wanted to work more on it and have some updates but I didn’t do it (still planning on doing it – just need to organize my schedules for it).

If you are interested in playing Pizza Clicker and managing your own Idle Pizzeria you can access the game’s page here to download it on Play Store or maybe download the press kit!

What I worked on was Dreamlands.


Dreamlands is a Roguelike RPG game inspired on Crypt of the Necrodancer and Bloodborne, the goal is to be a take on more traditional roguelikes but in a more “welcoming” and aesthetically pleasant way (as I find classical roguelikes kinda difficult to get into) – Aside of that, it will have a big influence of Lovecraftian Horror.

The aesthetic is still experimental as I have to decide color palette and art direction, I have the basic systems developed already (Level Generation and Turn Based Combat). The Combat System will still see a lot of tweaks during development.

There is nothing very interesting on it yet, just basic mechanics. The next steps are creating a sandbox mode and the art direction, after that I will add more content to the game and think about alpha and beta releases.

In fact, a first playable version is available online here (Fourth Dimenstion’s itch.io page).

My original plan was to make this game in 3 or 4 months, leading the release date to be in late December or early January. I think I can stick to this deadline because, by default, this game is supposed to be simple and kind of an introduction to roguelikes. My goal is to have it on itch.io and maybe on Steam for around $5.

If you want to know about Dreamlands in more detail, there are these posts on the Fourth Dimension’s Devlog:


This month I joined two Gamejams, which was something I haven’t done for a while, they are always nice to test and learn new things! These are the two games I’ve made:


They kinda look similar (well, it’s my pixel art style)

Secludere (Right) (Available online at itch.io)

Secludere is a simple platformer game. The jam was the “Become Better at Something Jam” which I kind of randomly picked at itch.io jams page, it was a small jam (7 participants I think) that I just happened to like the themes/goals. The idea was to practice with music and animation.

This jam was a week long so I really didn’t push a lot of desperate work on this (from 1 to 2 hours daily)

Journey to the Light (Left) (Available online at itch.io)

Journey to the Light is another platformer game, but this time with some combat mechanics. The jam was JimJam2 (143 entries) and theme was Ouroboros. I liked the concept I came up with for this game – which is Knights that needs to destroy each other in order to restore their own pieces/powers (a little bit dark, I know)

These are the results for Journey to the Light:

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 11.05.01 AM

I’m actually happy with these results – I always end up with something out of scope for a gamejam and Journey to the Light wasn’t any different, so the game definitely lacks a lot of polish and bug fixing. That being said, I’m thinking on fixing some stuff and reuploading it and maybe in the future make this its own game with a story of maybe 1 hour and a “roguelike” mode.

Gamedev Club

Last update I posted some prototypes I worked on a gamedev club. They were useful on our process and we picked one to create a real game! The first playable version is still on the way so I might post it here on next update.

That’s it for this update! See you on the next one!



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