September Update

Pizza Clicker


Pizza Clicker is a game I’ve started working on a long time ago (there’s even a web playable version here) and I took this idea and made it mobile and the second game for Fourth Dimension Studios – On the Landing Page you can get the link on Play Store and get the press kit.

If you don’t have the time, here are some screenshots:

It’s still on some kind of early release and I have plans to update it to add Monetization (giving the player Ovens in exchange of watching ADS), Upgrades (as every Incremental game should have) and then more options of Hire, Ovens and Upgrades. The game’s lore will be told by the Newspaper section.

Next Project

Putting out Pizza Clicker now makes me able to work on another project, and I’m thinking on getting something more complex that should take 3 or 4 months to complete. It will either be the game I was previously working on which I called Match 3 Roguelike or it will be a new game which I’m calling Dreamlands.

What I will do is create a playable version of both of them in 1 week each, from there I will decide what to do.


It’s been a while since I’ve been working with some people at a local University to study and create our own games, until now we were just studying, getting to know each other and practice a little bit with internal game jams.

But now we are aiming to develop a real game and to decide what game we should make, we divided into groups and did some prototypes. I’ve worked on four prototypes on the last month, and it was a nice experience.

The first prototype is a metroidvania where your powers are related to university courses, and it also has some elements of Visual Novel. The second one is a casual racing game with a steampunk thematic, the goal is to play using accelerometer or gyroscope and it was actually pretty fun.

The two others (the ones below on the picture) were extremely experimental things, the first one was a puzzle where the room was dark and you needed to bark (you are a dog) in order to see on a bigger radius – You have to capture a thief and could do that by barking (the thief runs when you hear the bark) and locking doors.

The last one is the movement around a small planet, the idea was to have a management kind of game combined with simple combat and hazards.

I’m pretty happy with all these prototypes and I discovered that I really like prototyping, it’s all fun and games, maybe because prototyping is approached with more of a playful mindset and it is evaluated with the same playful attitude.

That was my update!

Until next month!


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