August Update

I quite don’t know where to start this update, which might be the first sign that have a lot of things to write here. As always, I will try to be brief.

Let’s take it easy and continue where I left at my last update on the game Match 3 Roguelike.

I’ve finished a prototype/playable version, which can be downloaded on – I tried to contact some people on the internet to play it but, generally, there wasn’t a lot of interest. I don’t know if the game seems boring, if I reached the wrong type of people (probably) or what happened, but it didn’t cause much of an impression.

Fortunately, I managed to sneak the game on Feedback Friday on Tim Ruswick’s Youtube Channel and he played it on live stream! yay! He didn’t understand a thing.

So I made what every sensible human being would do, GameMaker Studio does not do very well with these kind of games, so I decided to port it to Unity. Now the GMS2 version is publicly available on my GitHub.

Next update I will have something on this game probably.

The Fourth Dimension

Having graduated and parting ways with my Internship, suddenly I found myself with a lot of free time. So, naturally, I started trying to make my way into the games industry and while I search for opportunities to be paid to make games, I created my own “Game Company”: Fourth Dimension – Focusing on Gameplay and Game Feel. As mobile games are faster to develop, that was my starting point, and also my first game.

Space Journey is the first game I developed under the name “Fourth Dimension” – It’s even on Play Store! – It’s basically a Flappy Bird clone, but it happens on space, so the feel is a little bit different.

My goal for this “Company” is to develop games that are more comercial and can be somehow lucrative, that way I can build a portfolio with finished and polished games and might build a passive income (the dream). Even when I get a full time job (or get busy other way somehow) I still plan to work under Fourth Dimension and put more games out there.

I mentioned I have a lot more of free time so I got more into writing and finally set up my own blog (not this devlog) and a devlog for Fourth Dimension, here are some posts that might be interesting:


That’s it for this month!

Hopefully the next one will have more info!


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