Way Behind Schedule

Ayy, this month was a pretty conturbed one, it envolves doing some extra time on my internship, traveling, having to focus writing my final graduation project, presenting it, correcting it and writing some more, quiting my internship (so having to put on some extra time to finish my tasks and help others) and also has to do with getting a bit lost on where I am in game development.

Match 3 Roguelike

This is the last gameplay footage I recorded:


It has all the scene transitions and it is almost enough to start getting an impression of what the game really should be like.

After this footage I’ve written some code to reach the end of a floor and go to a subsequent one, the more you advance, more difficult the game is.

What still needs to be done for a playable version:

  • Data Persistence between the dungeon part and the Match3 “Battle” part, it just restarts everything;
  • Write the code to actually make the game gets difficult according to current level;
  • The “Garbage System” – Difficult is represent by puzzles getting faster, but also by the enemy throwing “garbage” at your puzzle area, which occupies a certain area, turning it harder – But if you play well enough, the garbage turns into new pieces, so you can use it to your advantage.

I’ve already said that after doing this first playable version I will just need to tune and polish it, but damn it is being hard to get this minimum viable game.


Tetris? What?

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 3.49.22 PM.png

I applied for a job in a Mobile Game company in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

On the technical interview they asked “If you were to implement Tetris right now, how would you do it?” – My answer was pretty bad because I wasn’t expecting this and I got a bit nervous. After the interview I decided to check my answer and really implement a tetris.

It is playable right now, you can play it on my itch.io page.

If you are interested in more details, you can go to the devlog on the tetris page.

That will be it for this update!

Hope you all have a good month!


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