Almost July

Another month has come and gone and it’s time for another update!

There’s not much to type here, there are two videos that pretty much sums up the progress during this month, but as I always do, I will divide in sections and end up talking a lot about the projects.

The Puzzle Roguelike

It’s been almost 2 months since I’m working on this project, yikes! I wanted to finish the “Minimum Viable Product” for this month’s update and then spend a week or two reaching people asking for feedback and honest opinions. Here is the video on the current “game”:

There are basically two parts: (i) The Roguelike Part, where you explore some sort of map and when you find an enemy you transition to the puzzle part. (ii) The Puzzle Part, it works as some kind of substitute of a regular combat, your matches remove enemy health, being rewarded for combos and bigger matches.

I’m planning to finish the minimum product in a week or two, I just have to add the transistions back and forth from battle and do a simple main menu which is already designed in my head (hey, that’s the hard part!). With the MVP I will start all the marketing stuff and see what people thinks of this game.

After that I will, well, finish the game. The interesting thing is that probably there won’t be much to add to the mvp, just polish it, tune difficulty, interest curves, make it more appealing, fix the camera, etc… Shouldn’t take more than two months (I hope so).

The Unity Thing

I realized months went by without me doing something in Unity, also I realized that it has change way too much and I tried to do something on it, also probably because I will be using Unity more than Gamemaker on the future.

I grabed a course on Udemy and did a metroidvania section, called “Tilevania”, the result is on the video below.


I recorded the whole Unity screen because I’ve just realized that the camera and the UI breaks on Full Screen, so I just recorded like this and I will lie by saying it was to also show the scene and hierarchy.

I honestly liked the end result and it was fun to try doing some metroidvania, it was a genre that I always had some kind of curiosity on trying to develop.

Adding some more things on top of this simple demo and doing my own art for it should result into a nice portfolio piece, so I might return to this game next month!

Weeell, that was it for this month, I hope to have some more interesting stuff on the next one!

See you!


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