A dollar, please

GameMaker Jam Feedback

Last month I joined the GameMaker community Jam with the game Newton’s Laws of Roguelike – I knew it wasn’t that great, and the critics reflected that, well, what should I expect?


But having real people criticizing my game was actually an interesting experience, the main critique was that the game didn’t have a goal (it really doesn’t have) and it was more of a mechanic demonstration than a game (which is totally right).

But some people said that it had potential and it was fun, one user even said my game was the best use of the theme! (Newton’s Laws of Motion) – there was also some video reviews, here @ 6:07, here @ 0:44:15 and another I lost the link (damn.)

In the end, I got 19th place (out of 26) and I got really happy with this placing.Place19.png


What? Another Gamejam?!

Well, yes. I liked joining one, so I joined another.

This time the theme was Scarcity, what came to mind was Resident Evil and how the bullets were scarce, so I did a shooter roguelike trying to get that feeling, the game is called Zombies on the Basement, you can go to its itch.io page for more information, download link, etc… There were also some feedback on the jam entry page – overall, the mechanic seemed to be fun but I think it doesn’t quite work as a Roguelike, maybe it would work as a 2D Survival Horror Shooter, who knows.

If you are interested visit the itch.io page, gameplay footage below:

This entry was almost a game, it doesn’t have menus or tutorial for time reasons.


After working Newton’s Laws of Roguelike and Zombies on the Basement I decided to go back to my projects/ideas – I’ve written some ideas and I came up with an idea based on Pokemon Puzzle Challenge and an idea based on Final Fantasy Tactics.

The interesting thing is that both ideas use the same universe and same characters (one happens 4 years before the other) – So it is like a puzzle game which the sequel is a tactical turn based.

Don’t worry, the story is damn simple and these are games that shouldn’t take a lot of time to develop. The goal is to develop the puzzle one in about 2 months and release for $1 – And the other one the goal is to finish in 6 months and would be kind of a real game.

The Puzzle Game Prototype:

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 11.17.28 AM.png

Example of how it might begin

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 11.18.34 AM.png

Some reorganization (The Matching 3 Functionality is not developed yet)

How it works: 

  • You have 4 pieces (heart, bow, sword and axe) and you have to align three or more of them horizontally or vertically.
  • The cursor can be moved up, down, left and right and, as you might notice, the cursor is on 2 pieces, when an action button is pressed, the two pieces change position (the position are changed whether that was a match or not, different from some match 3 games where if there isn’t a match, the pieces goes back to their original place)
  • The starting pieces are all random, and as time passes, an entire row of new pieces appear (from the bottom of the screen).
  • Also as time passes, new pieces appears faster.
  • If any piece reach de top of the screen, you lose.

The idea of this is either one of those two:

  1. Be some kind of a Turn Based combat game where the attack is doing this puzzle. So you would have a team and would fight some enemies and to attack them you would have to align the pieces.
  2. Be some kind of a 1v1 combat between two characters, where a match means that you are directly attacking the oponent and the heart means healing

For both of these ideas, the progression is similar, you defeat an enemy (or group of enemies), you gain some experience, level up (or not), evolve your character(s) and goes on to the next battle, you can do this until you lose (Roguelike Turn Based Puzzle Game, yay!)


  • I Joined two gamejams and liked it (I will probably also join Ludum Dare in 4 days)
  • I came up with some ideas I feel like I really can develop and that feel right for me (a lot of old projects of mine doesn’t really feel right for me anymore)
  • The future is bright.
  • Collecting Sticker Figures Album (FIFA 2018) is really expensive.

That’s it for this month’s update!

Hope to see you on the next one!

I also hope to have better games to show there.



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