pizza laws of roguelike

This month I’ve tried something different: It’s not a secret that I always had difficulties finding time, fitting gamedev into my routine and these sort of things. This month I’ve chosen to work on game development only on weekends, this way I could turn off my gamedev self on weekdays and do what I had to do and on weekends I could turn off my regular-student-worker self and focus on game development.

Speaking about hours of work, it’s pretty much the same, but I’d rather work 3 hours straight on something than work 1 hour on three days.

This month I had an ok progress on practice/developing but I really liked what I got on the subjects on ideas, writing documents, creating a roadmap, etc… This won’t be shown right here, but I hope this can be reflected on next months updates.

Pizza Clicker

I actually wanted to have this game finished on 2 weekends but 4 weekends has gone by, in my defense, the last one I spent working on a Game Jam, so technically I’m only 1 weekend behind schedule.

pizzav1.pngThis is my roadmap for the Pizza Clicker game, as you can see, I have pretty much everything for the first version, the only thing I’m missing is making it responsive/adaptable to all screens.

Not being responsive is pretty much of a big deal since is a game played on a web browser, so I decided not to “release” it yet. Probably next weekend I will be able to finish it.

Other point is “Better Aesthetics”, but I don’t really think that’s a key factor for this kind of game and shouldn’t forbidden me to declare the first version finished and release it.

Besides those two things, what is in my roadmap is to try to share the game with as many people as I can, get feedback, fix broken things and keep developing it (I have until v4 planned)

Currently it is on v0.9 (almost released!) and you can click here to play – but I should warn you, every save file will be wiped when the first version is release.


GameMaker Community Jam 7 (Newton’s Laws of Roguelike)

It’s been some time since I wanted to join a Game Jam, I decided I would take part on the GMC Jam 7, whatever the theme, whatever kind of game I thought on doing, whatever the result.

My intention on this jam was: a) Feel how a Game Jam is, b) develop something different and quickly, c) get more comfortable with GameMaker Studio 1.4 (which I will be using on the future) and d) work on something I wanted to work for a while, which in this case is Roguelike games.

The theme was Newton’s Laws of Movement which was kinda interesting at first but difficult to find something to work with, I got three ideas brainstorming:

  • Doggo’s Laws of Movement, which is the same but dog version, something like: In an Inertial Frame of Reference, a doggo either remains at rest or continues to bork, unless acted upon a force. I don’t how this could become a game.
  • Use the F, A Star Wars based Action 2D Puzzle Platformer, you don’t need to think a lot to know why I gave up of this idea – Basically it was going to be a 2D Platformer with Combat Elements and you could enter a “Use the Force” state, where you would be able to use the force (F) to manipulate objects around you and solve puzzles.
  • Newton’s Laws of Roguelike, the idea I tried to go with, a simple roguelike where the enemies are based on newton’s laws.

First I went to watch some of HeartBeast’s Procedurally Generated Dungeons Tutorials, which creates a dungeon in a very simple, fast and effect way that works fine.


After that, I took some pieces of code of an old project of mine, which is the result from a course also from HeartBeast, and rewatched some of the lectures to get a good combat system going on, always adapting everything to what I wanted;

My original plan was to also do the art, I got this ones as a placeholder from ArMM1998 on OpenGameArt, lucky me, this art is great and had fit perfectly on what I wanted, I didn’t have the time to do my own art so the placeholders became the definitive art.

There are Four Enemies:

  1. The Log: A log that is sleeping and only acts when you attack it (First Law)
  2. The Light Log and The Heavy Log: Enemies that are strong either because they are heavy (high mass) or are super fast (high acceleration), and this is the Second Law.
  3. The Bomb Log: If you try to kill it, it will explode and punish you! (Third Law – Action and Reaction) – gif of this one belowthird_law.gif


These four enemies looks the same, you have to differentiate them by their movements and how they react to you hitting them! Put that with a random dungeon and you have Newton’s Laws of Roguelike. There are many known issues and things I would like to have improved, but, that’s the feeling of joining a Game Jam I guess.

As a footnote: I used to think that doing something for a game jam would be like “OH MY GOD I ONLY HAVE 48 HOURS LEFT, I HAVE TO HURRY!!!!!!!!!!” – but it was more like “Hm, A day has passed and I have no ideas, meh, I can do a simple roguelike”.

This update was quite long, so I’m leaving!

See you, hopefully, next month!


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